Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Nails

So it's Super Bowl Sunday! The game, the commercials, the half time show!...I don't watch any of it. Super Bowl Sunday is all about the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet for me. It's just so adorable and there's no confusing rules to learn cause it's just puppies running around and being ADORABLE! I want all of them! Anywho, I did paint my nails for the game even though I won't be watching it. The logos were surprisingly easy to do but I was a bit impatient and the Bronco smudged a little bit. Good news is you can't really tell how bad in the pic.

As I sit here writing this I'm thinking about doing something for the puppy bowl but who knows, I have a lot of nails planned for this week and next week so I might just skip puppy bowl nails and go right to doing those.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Zoya Zebra Nails

My mom bought this awesome wrapping paper from Home Goods last June that's sparkly Zebra print and I used it to wrap my friend's Christmas gifts. Festive I know, but that's just how awesome this paper is! Well it is kind of hard to work with, but I digress. Anywho, I have some paper leftover and the roll is still in my room. I look at it all the time it's just so pretty!

As you know by now I got Dahlia in the last Zoya promo, and last night I had such a cartoon lightbulb moment. Dahlia is the PERFECT sparkly black to recreate the Zebra wrapping paper on my nails! Of course I also needed color cause I'm just that girl. Sparkles and color everywhere! I bought a new pair of jeans at Rue 21 the other day that are kind of cranberry colored, super fun! I plan on wearing them Friday so I went looking in my stash for a color to match. Zoya Areej was the closest, though a bit more purple than cranberry I admit. And then I thought how cute? Zoya Areej was my very first Zoya that started my addiction and here I was using it in a mani with one of my newest Zoyas. The zebra print's not perfect but I still think it's cute and it seriously is a perfect match to the wrapping paper!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Hopscotch Nails!

 I'm back! My cousin won her game! It was so fun to go and watch I can't wait to go do it again. Made me miss playing though. I was going to do a Swatch it Saturday but got caught up in organizing and changing up my stash list. My Zoya order came though so expect one this week!

I did these nails a while ago for the Rite Aid contest last year. Apparently I forgot to hit publish so the post never happened...oops! That's life though. I had such a hard time thinking of what to enter and then everything that I tried was a fail, including the first version of these. I tried to make the background look as pavement-y as possible by sponging black and sparkles over a gray. I also had a hard time fitting the numbers in the tiny boxes. My paint brush didn't want to cooperate with me that day. Now that I have Zoya Dahlia(that I've always thought of as a perfect pavement polish since it has the texture) I'm thinking once the weather gets warmer I can recreate these and hopefully it'll come out better. We'll see!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Cousin's Basketball Game

So today my little cousin has a basketball game and I'm going to cheer her on! From the Facebook posts it seems like they win a lot so I'm really excited to watch. I did nails for the fall when she played volleyball so maybe I'll post those sometime too even though it's not volleyball season anymore. Anywho, her school colors are green and white and I decided I wanted to whip out my new Zoya Pixie's that I got for Christmas. I used Zoya Chita(you have no idea how much I was lemming for her so gorgeous!) and Zoya Godiva as an accent. Sitting here typing this post I probably could've used Dhara too for the basketball but I didn't really want the basketball to be textured. I also used Zoya Skylar(my cousin's name) to write her number and Zoya Angelina on the basketball nail along with NYC Color Time Square Tangerine and Sally Hansen Boca Mocha.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Year, New Name

Wow long time no blog huh? Sorry about that! I've still been painting my nails I just lost steam and only remembered to post the pics that I did take on my personal Facebook page. But not anymore! I made a few New Year's resolutions this year(which i never do) and I intend to stick to them. One of them is to get back into blogging, and not just when I enter a contest and beg for votes. I'm talkin' almost everyday type blogging; Swatches, tutorials if I try something, regular manis, all of it! So this year I'm super motivated and inspired and with that comes a new name!

I'm not sure if anyone reading this remembers my Blue's Clues nails from back in the day but ever since then every time I painted my nails I always sang the Mail Time song from the show only it was Nail Time. It keeps it fun even when something I'm painting turns out to be a total fail. And so in the spirit of fun I have decided to change my blog's name to Naaail Time! Apparently there is another blog named Epic Nail Time that was too close to just 'Nail Time' hence the extra letters but that's ok, it's like we're all going to sing the song when we visit this little project of mine.

Here's my nails
I sometimes fail
When I post you'll wanna wail


Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy St Patrick's day!

Happy St Patrick's day everyone! I tried to stay somewhat close to the original point of the holiday with this mani so hopefully it's not too terrible. I also entered this into Set in Lacquer's contest. *crosses fingers*

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Single Awareness Day Forever Alone Nails

I did these for the OPI Happy vs Anti Valentine's Day contest. Everyone was doing happy ones so I figured I'd do anti ones. They didn't come out quite like I wanted them to but I think they're still nice.