Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kiss Nail Dress Review

I received this design of the Kiss Nail Dress strips in my Holiday VoxBox from Influenster.com. The following review is my honest opinion and isn't changed based on the fact that these were free. I'm not like that lol.

Anywho, I'd never tried these before or the Sally Hansen version. I sort of view them as cheating in the nail art world lol but I can understand the appeal for people who either don't have the time, or think they don't have the talent to do all the intricate designs seen all over the internet. I myself have felt that way at times and have looked at the designs on these strips for ideas on what to do.

The instructions are somewhat easy to follow which was nice for me since I was a first timer. The filing the excess off presented a bit of a challenge to me cause I wasn't exactly sure which way to go about it. I managed ok but I probably should've looked on youtube for a video to be sure lol. There were also a few of the strips that weren't fully covering all of my nail but looked like they would when I pulled them from the sheet they were on. I get annoyed when I miss a spot painting so the parts that were still showing no matter how little bugged me as well.

I'm not sure if I filed wrong or if I didn't smooth it all the way down on my nail in some parts but EVERY thing I touched that could possibly have fuzz attached it ended up being attached to my nails and it was annoying. I liken it to when you get stuff stuck to the sticky parts of band-aids or when the sticky part gets wet and gets all icky and gross lol. I spent hours pulling off fuzz from my nails and finally I just had to take them off.

These didn't fully live up to my expectations but that might just be operator error? I'm not entirely sure. I think I'd try these again if the right design came along and then maybe I could confirm if the problems I had were just because of me or not lol. The design I received was very sparkly and when I wasn't picking fuzz off it they were really pretty.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

It's 2013 now people! New Year's Eve is my best friend's bday and this year we went to Times Square! It definitely had it's ups and downs and I've pretty much slept all of today and I'm REALLY sore but it was so worth it! We didn't get the glasses but we did take a bunch of the confetti. I also took a nap in the middle of the street somewhere between 3 and 2 hours to go lol and hours 6-4 to go were the hardest.