Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Nails

So it's Super Bowl Sunday! The game, the commercials, the half time show!...I don't watch any of it. Super Bowl Sunday is all about the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet for me. It's just so adorable and there's no confusing rules to learn cause it's just puppies running around and being ADORABLE! I want all of them! Anywho, I did paint my nails for the game even though I won't be watching it. The logos were surprisingly easy to do but I was a bit impatient and the Bronco smudged a little bit. Good news is you can't really tell how bad in the pic.

As I sit here writing this I'm thinking about doing something for the puppy bowl but who knows, I have a lot of nails planned for this week and next week so I might just skip puppy bowl nails and go right to doing those.