Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Olympic Toes

I finally got around to doing my toes yesterday. I went super simple even though I contemplated doing more, but then I figured they're just toes why go all out? So here are my toes to further route for team USA during the London Olympics. We're kicking some serious butt so far and I'm lovin it!

This angle makes my toes look smaller than they are lol though not by much.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

London 2012 Right Hand

I went a little simpler for my right hand of my Olympics nails. Gold, silver, and bronze medals, the US flag(Go Team USA!), and then the flame complete with London 2012 and the Olympic Rings. I was planning on doing nails for each event and the medal that the US won but now that I love the ones I have now I might not lol. Though I still might because I think that would be really fun. :) Hope everyone watches! How fitting are these now because the US already has a gold, silver, & bronze medal?!

It's kinda hard to see because of the flash but I took it myself give me a break lol.

Friday, July 27, 2012

London 2012!!!!!

Words cannot describe how excited I am that it's finally Olympics time! I am so completely obsessed it's not even funny. I'm gonna be glued to my tv the entire time. I love the Olympics so much!!! So naturally, I had to do Olympics nails! I love them! Go team USA! Kick some world butt! lol :D

Thursday, July 26, 2012

NYC Color Pier 17 & Tribeca Silver

My dad was going to go shopping yesterday and my mom and I invited ourselves along lol. We stopped in at Walmart so naturally the first place I went was to the nail polish. The Walmart we go to the most hardly ever restocks their polish so I wasn't really expecting much, but being a nail polish addict I still had to look. I found a few that I thought were pretty but I couldn't really justify to myself to buy them all so I narrowed it down to two and saved the others for another time. I also had to pick up more cotton pads for removing my polish so I had a legitimate reason to be near the polish lol.

I chose NYC Color Pier 17 which is a really pretty dark blue shimmer and Tribeca Silver which is, you guessed it, a silver. I haven't used either of them yet but I will probably in the coming days as the London Olympics are tomorrow and since the Olympics are another obsession of mine, I fully intend to go all out on my nails.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Polish from Rue 21

I went to Rue 21 with a friend and was only going to go along for the ride but as soon as I saw polish that plan went out the window lol. They have crackles and regular polish(mostly neons) and also those polishes with the 3 different colors in one bottle that I still can't figure out lol. They even had a few of those scented polishes that I have yet to try because I'm skeptical of them but maybe one day lol. They were 2 for $5 so naturally I was like I must get a bunch lol. Or as my friend would say "That's a steal!" Not the best thing to shout in a store when you're a teenager LOL but I assure you we paid for everything. I even used a gift card I got at after prom last year so technically I got them for free. And I still have money left on my card($4.51) win!

Anywho, back to the polish. I ended up only buying 4 but I already find myself wishing I got more. Maybe I'll convince my mom to go shopping since we haven't in a while ;). The polishes don't have names which is a bummer but oh well :/. They're still pretty :).

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sinful Colors Hottie over Essie Lilacism

Back when I had Essie Lilacism on my nails I had an itching for some sparkle. I had just gone shopping with my mom and picked up some new glitters and one of them was Sinful Colors Hottie. It's a blue tinged base with silver, blue, and green, dare I say duochrome glitters? I may have used too thick of a coat but the end result was still really pretty. I'm interested in what SC Hottie would look like over a darker color. I'll have to look into it one of these days. I'm not surprised that I found another Sinful that I like. I may have color change issues with them sometimes but that doesn't change my love for them. :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Nails to match my bathing suit!

One of my friend's recently had her 16th birthday. Every year since she was 7 we've blown up water balloons and this year we were up to over 3,000 I believe(yeah i know). Sounds all fun until you're the one who has to stay up all night(normally not a problem since I usually do anyway) and blow them all up until they're all done at the end of the day with no sleep. We were on record pace until the weather decided to get all pressure-y and pop a majority of them half way through the day :(.

Anywho though, back to my nails. I'm not really sure why I did them since I knew because of last year that they wouldn't last long with all the water. But I refused to look at the nastiness that I call bare nails for longer than I needed to so I did them anyway lol. I decided to make them match my bathing suit which I will post a pic of so you can see how close I got. And since I'm a sparkles girl I added one finger that was covered in glitter thinking I might have one nail painted by the end of the day. I was wrong. None of my nail polish lasted past 10am. Though I guess 8 hours of continuously being in water didn't help :/. Oh well they were pretty while they lasted.

my bathing suit :)