Sunday, August 28, 2011

nail hauls

My stash has grown just a tad. :)

I got 3 new polishes with the latest Zoya promo. I love Zoya oh so very much! :D Plus I didn't win their contest but I plan on taking full advantage of their free shipping promo. :)

The same day my new Zoya's came in we went shopping. Milani's were bogo at CVS so, naturally, that was our first stop. Also got 3 Confetti's, a Shatter, & white nail polish. Then we went to walmart & I found these random Dare polishes so I got them. I thought we bought those 2 little bon bons, but after I took the pic I realized I already had them. Oops! :)
Then like a week later we went shopping again & I got 2 Pure Ice's, a Milani nail art brush, another Milani, a 10, & a nail art pen.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


A little piece of me dies every time my nail polish chips.  I spend so much time trying to get my nails relatively nice looking and then out of nowhere a little piece chips off. So sad :( I just did them two days ago too. Even sadder :( Am I the only one who feels this way?

Friday, August 26, 2011

rug nails

Ok, so for these I couldn't decide what to do on my nails and I had a lot of ideas but none of them seemed to stick. I've been at my aunt and uncle's house for the summer and they have a rug that has a pretty cool pattern that I thought would be cool and relatively easy to recreate on nails. And thus my nails were born!

I used Zoya Phoebe as a base and then used L.A. Colors Art Deco brushes in white & silver for the design. I was going to take a picture of the rug but I can't get the lighting right so maybe some other time?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

end of summer nails

Summer is pretty much over :( so sad. So for the final week I decided to do sunsets & palm trees on my nails. I got the idea from a youtube video, I don't remember which one exactly because I watched a lot to see all the different methods, but if you search it you can find a few to work from. This was my 1st time using a sponge & I'm not entirely sure if I did it right but oh well, I know for next time! :) I didn't really like them at first but now i love them!

I used Zoya Phoebe, then sponged on Zoya Katy(:D), & then sponged Pure Ice New Lilac over Katy. Then i put on a little bit of Milani Dreamy Creme & a touch of wet 'n wild glitter. Then for the palm trees I used a Milani Nail Art Brush. My top coat is a strengthener because I have weak nails.

For right now I'm working backwards from what I have posted on my facebook, and I take my pictures with my phone and the pics aren't that great but you can still see the design pretty much.

My First Post!

Ok, so after being around all these great nail blogs and not being able to participate in their giveaways I've decided to make my own blog! I can show what I've managed to do on my nails & my collection of polish to the nail polish loving world. Plus I can now enter the plethora(I love that word lol) of giveaways on here! It's win-win! :D