Friday, January 20, 2012

Sad Day... :( RIP Sarah Burke

Today (the 19th) Canadian freeskier Sarah Burke passed away due to injuries from a crash in Park City on the 10th. She was a six time X Games medalist and was a main reason ski halfpipe will be included in the Sochi Olympics in 2014. She did so much for her sport and touched a lot of people. X Games won't be the same without her(it's next week & i'm sure they will do something for Sarah). It's also a SUPER bummer that she won't be around to completely shred the crap outta the pipe in Sochi.

So it's Thursday(or it was lol) and I usually do my nails on Thursdays. I had last week's polish off when I heard the news about Sarah. I thought about doing something for Sarah on my nails but I was just super bummed out, I wasn't sure. I went on google to try and get some ideas and nothing was really jumping out at me, I mean I had a few ideas but I don't know, I was in just a weird mood.

Two hours later, and all I had were colors picked out. Then I got an idea & just let my hands go from there. So here is the little something I did to honor Sarah Burke. She will be so unbelievably missed and thought of everytime someone drops into the pipe.

If you would like to donate to Sarah's family to help pay for her medical bills there is a fund set up.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fashion Bug Fun Fuschia Swatch and Design

I'm back! I sit on a thrown of lies. I said on my facebook page Tuesday that I would upload this yesterday and I didn't. But here I am today! :)

I got this polish from a friend for Christmas and I immediately loved it. I love bright colors in my wardrobe and on my nails even though I'm paler than pale. I was thinking ahead when it was time to paint my nails because tomorrow I'm planning on wearing pink which will go perfectly with my nails(I love coordinating). Not only is this polish bright, but it also has sparkles in it, and who doesn't love sparkles?!

The flash definitely made the color darker, but you can see the brightness and the sparkles. I have another fashion bug polish that I'm excited to try after wearing this. Should be fun!

Now here is what I did after I swatched. It took me two hours lol because I couldn't decide what design I wanted to do. After a while I just went at it & let my hands decide what I was gonna do.

Friday, January 6, 2012


It's about time huh? lol I got a lot of polish over the holiday season & I just painted my nails so the polish and my camera were in the same place. No excuse for not takin pics and uploading lol so here they all are...

I got all these zoya's back when there was a free shipping promo. I got as many as I could without going over the amount that gives you free shipping anyway.

Zoya Kimmy, Tangy, Akyra, Malia, Jolene, and Katy

Here are the zoyas I got from the Halloween promo that I didn't end up getting until around Thanksgiving because of a credit card issue lol.

Zoya Evangeline and Dannii.

Now it's time for all the polish & goodies I got for Christmas! These first two came from my mom's friend.

L.A. Colors glitter and phenomena

These next one's came from my friends...

NYC purple pizzazz frost, wet n' wild sunny side up(which i already had shhh lol), kiss nail art w/ stencils yay!-beach green, bikini pink, pearl blue, wet n' wild wild card, & wet n' wild sparkled

Sally Hansen invisible, fashion bug orange, fashion bug purple jewel, fashion bug fun fushchia, revlon clear

Oh and there's more! I got some more goodies! Here is a new bottle of remover & some toe separaters, nail file, and some clippers & cuticle stuff.

Baby Shower Nails

My friend is having a baby and her baby shower is tomorrow. I got some new polishes resently(I took pics & the post will be following I'm not lying this time lol, although I wasn't lying before I just kept forgetting) and I was gonna try some out but then I remembered the shower so I didn't. So next time I'll be all over those new pretties! There is also a zoya promo going on right now that I think I'm gonna have to skip, sad face, only because school is coming up and I'm gonna need the money(stupid school). Anywho, back to the post. Here is the pic of my baby shower nails. After I post this and the polishes I have to paint my other hand lol.