Thursday, June 28, 2012


Ok so here is all the polish I've added to my collection in the past couple weeks. Haven't used a lot of them yet but I'm getting to them LOL. Still have some from Christmas I haven't used and my birthday.

This was a combo of Rite-Aid, Dollar Tree and Walmart.

Family Dollar. Check out the babies!!!

Rite-Aid couponing again :)

Essie Lilacism

This is what I have on my nails right now, and have for a few days with no top coat i might add, and it still looks like new. Minus one little chip in the corner of my right pointer that happened in the shower, no biggy. This is a weird color, pretty, but weird lol. I probably should've known when the bottle color and the little swatch color thing at the store didn't match up, but the color was pretty and I had a coupon so it was coming home with me. It looks like a light blue in the bottle which confused me knowing that it was called Lilacism and should've been more purple. However, on my nails it looks like a light blueish gray, maybe even a very light purple that looks blue. Either way, I look at my nails and for some reason think dolphin or even elephant. LOL I don't know, I'm weird.

I went shopping yesterday and got more polish, plus I have some from other times that I haven't added here that I will after this. I was at Payless with my mom and the lady working there noticed my nails and made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I didn't even go all fancy with these which I planned to do so that's why I didn't do a top coat, but I never did lol.

OPI A Lit-Teal Bit of Love

This was on my nails last week and I meant to add this post earlier but was busy gathering all my polish to make a list. I have a few more posts to add after this one and then here's hoping i can figure out how to add my polish stash list to the blog *crosses fingers*.

Anywho, this is somewhat of a swatch for OPI's A Lit-Teal Bit of Love. The bottle is shaped weird and I was having issues finding a way to hold it and get an accurate color picture, so I just took one without it. This was a really sparkly dark blue color, which I love, and somehow reminded me of Wet N' Wild's Teal of Fortune. I'm not entirely sure why because I believe they are different but maybe one of these days I'll do a comparison.

The flash & the dark color really accentuate my albino-ness lol

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Hey :) I originally set out to attempt Phineas & Ferb for a third time but I once again messed it up :(. So frustrating! Anyone else have that problem? Where there's one thing you try over and over that just never works. Not fun. So after i got over being bummed I decided to try camo. I don't know why I did though, it was a weird pick for me lol. These aren't my favorite by any means and I've seen other nail people do better, but they are kind of growing on me :/. My new gray looks somewhat green on top of my base color so I think the nails are too green for camo but that might just be me. I'm really hard on myself I know lol. Anywho, here is a pic of them before I put the matte top coat on in case you want to see what it would look like shiny.

And here's a pic of the nails with 2 coats of matte top coat. My camera didn't like my light in my room so it looks weird in the pic. I think the nails look better in person and when I don't stare right at them hahaha. My next ones will be better then i suppose lol.

Slowly working my way through all my birthday polishes and I still have a few from Christmas I haven't used. Plus I have a bunch of coupons to use and a giant Zoya wishlist. Not enough money in the world hahaha.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sinful Colors Dream On

Hey :) I'm slowly using all my new polishes and decided to use Sinful Colors Dream On and swatch it. While at Rite Aid both my mom and I were drawn to this color. Everything we picked up we put next to Dream On to see what they looked like together lol then my mom just picked it up and put it in our basket. Talk about score! Purple is my favorite color yet my camera seems to hate it :/. Don't worry though I kind of got the right color. It's just a tad darker in real life than in the photo.

I don't know if it was just my base coat or if it was the polish but it kind of went on funny. It wasn't the most even coat but maybe I'll just have to do some experimenting? It also was quick drying which is a plus in my book and dried matte. I used three thin coats because I wasn't fully satisfied with how it looked streak wise. The extra coat seemed to do the trick :). Then I put a top coat cause I wanted shine.

I actually really love Sinful Colors. They always seem to make me stare at my nails you know? In the case of Dream On once I put it on my nails I thought it might be a bit dark for my albino skin tone, but as soon as I started typing on my laptop weirdly enough lol, I loved it! It's an awesome color from an awesome company and I look forward to definitely buying more. Seriously, my mom is buying a few colors every time we go shopping it's actually quite funny.

I'm really not a one color kind of girl anymore so I turned the ring finger into a glittery accent nail using Pure Ice Beware :).