Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Technique Tuesday-Using Tape to make Argyle

Argyle has been one of those seemingly easy for other people designs that I just haven't been able to do. I've been getting the hang of using tape to help me make straight lines and decided to try argyle again. It definitely was easier than free-handing everything though isn't perfect. I still like them though and will probably do them again sometime.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Swatch It Saturday-Sinful Colors Paradise

I am so mad at myself. I totally meant to post this way earlier than now but was invited to go apple picking with my friends so I forgot. I just remembered after looking at my nails. So anywho, I used Sinful Colors Paradise in my mani from earlier this week and swatched it before I covered it. I didn't clean off my fingers before the pic because I knew I'd be making more of a mess right after. I'm a big fan of Sinful Colors polishes(yes I'm aware of the stealing of blogger's photos which is a big no no bad Sinful colors!). Paradise didn't disappoint and went on great with nothing more than just a minor user error of hitting a nail while it was still wet(hate when I do that) but I fixed it so no biggy :). This was the standard two coats.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sinful Colors Hottie over Paradise with Chevron Accent

Just something random I did to match my outfit tomorrow. I was inspired by a pic that I saw on pinterest and went from there. I used Sinful Colors Paradise as the base color since I wanted to see what Sinful Colors Hottie would look like over a somewhat darker color than the Essie Lilacism I used the last time. I think the combo is very pretty & I love moving my fingers and watching the sparkles. I added a chevron accent nail like the pic from pinterest and also to add a little something something to the mani :).

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Swatch it Saturday-L'Oreal Penthouse Pink

It's Saturday so that means today is Swatch it Saturday :)! I decided to swatch L'Oreal Penthouse Pink because I wore it a while back and it was so pretty I wanted to wear it again. Penthouse Pink is a light baby pink that covers in the standard two coats. I love it not only because of its color and application, but also because it makes me seem less pale than I am. Always a plus in my eyes.

I also wanted to test out a new color that I got the other day so as an accent nail I put one coat of NYC Color Classic Coral Creme over the ring finger.

I chipped the thumb nail when I was making egg salad for my mom.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Swatch it Saturday

Sorry I didn't post a swatch yesterday. The weather here was kind of bad and I got stuck at a friend's house away from all my polish. So if all goes well I should have a swatch up for next weeks Swatch it Saturday.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Technique Tuesday(a Little Late)-Needle Dragging

I was knitting like crazy yesterday and forgot to do my nails so I'm doing Technique Tuesday today. I decided to try needle dragging after seeing a picture on pinterest a while back. I'd say these are somewhat of a fail since they didn't come out how I wanted them too but I don't think they're completely horrible. They're really simple in theory, you just put a drop of polish on the nail & drag it with a needle. I'll have to try again sometime. :/

Oops this was supposed to be posted hours ago but I guess I forgot to hit publish before my shower lol. My bad!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Swatch it Saturday-Essie Go Overboard

I got this polish on Wednesday as part of Wishlist Wednesday and decided to use it for Swatch it Saturday. Essie Go Overboard is a pretty dark blue that if I googled correctly was part of the spring 2012 collection? I don't know I'm more of a dark colors in fall, pastels in spring kinda girl so I'm not sure if I would put this color in a spring collection but oh well that's just me. This was a one coater(awesome!) but I had some application issues(operator error), so I did another one to cover everything up. Clean up was another issue because it's such a dark color that it smeared when I went to get it off my skin using remover. No biggy though it will come off hopefully when I wash my hands. Removing later though might have some issues and I'm hoping my base coat does it's job so my nails won't get stained. We shall see I suppose.