Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

I totally forgot to post this yesterday since i was having so much trouble doing it on facebook. Anywho, i hope everyone had a nice Easter :). I did bunnies on my nails that remind me of peeps lol.

My brother's baseball team has their first game tomorrow and i'm pretty sure i'm gonna be there. Guess who's painting her nails for it? *this girl* omg i'm so excited! the ideas i have ah! they're gonna look so flippin good!

Also before i go, do you have a account? if not click this link and make one! once you've done that go to the my account tab and under my coupons and promos you should get a coupon for a free polish! how awesome is that?! i love zoya so much & i'm totally in love with the new summer colors! i'm trying to get enough love points to get them so pretty please help me out! everyone wins with this deal! :D Also go like zoya's facebook page because they almost have 100,000 and once they do i'm sure they'll have a promo...they tend to have a lot lol they're so good to us polish addicts :D

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