Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wonderpets Nails

I knew I wanted to paint my nails today(now yesterday as I type this) but I was having trouble deciding what to do. I was in a nail art mood and looking to do something somewhat hard, but then I got to thinking about it being fall and maybe I should do a fall related mani. So I spent what must have been at least two hours on the internet looking at pics and found a blog that does cartoon nails. I didn't look through all of them so I don't know if there was a Wonderpets nail already but I credit them for sparking my brain into wanting to do Wonderpets. I love Wonderpets even though I am so not in the target demographic lol. Linny, Tuck, and Ming-Ming are just too flippin' cute and I just love them an unhealthy amount. My camera hates greens no matter what I try so Tuck does look a little different in person.

The sail to the Wonderpets' flying boat thing lol, Linny, Tuck, Ming-Ming, and the bottom of the flying boat thing. I'm sure it has a name but it's 2am lol.

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