Sunday, August 28, 2011

nail hauls

My stash has grown just a tad. :)

I got 3 new polishes with the latest Zoya promo. I love Zoya oh so very much! :D Plus I didn't win their contest but I plan on taking full advantage of their free shipping promo. :)

The same day my new Zoya's came in we went shopping. Milani's were bogo at CVS so, naturally, that was our first stop. Also got 3 Confetti's, a Shatter, & white nail polish. Then we went to walmart & I found these random Dare polishes so I got them. I thought we bought those 2 little bon bons, but after I took the pic I realized I already had them. Oops! :)
Then like a week later we went shopping again & I got 2 Pure Ice's, a Milani nail art brush, another Milani, a 10, & a nail art pen.

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