Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years!

Wow this year went by so fast! So many things happened this year. I crossed off 3 things from my ever growing bucket list, and here's hopin' i cross off more in 2012! Today is my best friend's birthday and I'm so excited!!! I'm about to eat my weight in mini weenies and get super hyper off a bunch of sugar. I wrapped her present last night and it looks gorgeous! Best thing I have ever wrapped it looks so pretty! I'm kinda sad because I know she's gonna open it but then I get all excited again cause I know what it is and she's gonna love it! It's gonna get a lot of use. ;)

Here are my New Years nails:

And hey, I might as well show you all my awesome wrapping skills so here is my best bud's present:

It's pink like her, cause she's a girl. lol inside joke. :) Hope everyone has an awesome New Years Eve, and an even better 2012.

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