Saturday, September 1, 2012

Swatch it Saturday-Essie Go Overboard

I got this polish on Wednesday as part of Wishlist Wednesday and decided to use it for Swatch it Saturday. Essie Go Overboard is a pretty dark blue that if I googled correctly was part of the spring 2012 collection? I don't know I'm more of a dark colors in fall, pastels in spring kinda girl so I'm not sure if I would put this color in a spring collection but oh well that's just me. This was a one coater(awesome!) but I had some application issues(operator error), so I did another one to cover everything up. Clean up was another issue because it's such a dark color that it smeared when I went to get it off my skin using remover. No biggy though it will come off hopefully when I wash my hands. Removing later though might have some issues and I'm hoping my base coat does it's job so my nails won't get stained. We shall see I suppose.

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