Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hey Everyone!

My nails are back! Well kinda...they were. I had every intention of trying a new polish and kinda reviewing it here. I got my nail caught on something so I went to my tackle box to grab a nail file so my nail wouldn't beak. I have a love/hate relationship with my tackle box. Sometimes it opens easily and sometimes it is more difficult. Last night it was difficult and i broke a nail. :(

Now I'm probably going to cut them all back down again. I'm so totally bummed beccause they just barely got back to the length i like and they were all the same length. So frustrating!

But I have a post that I'm pretty sure I didn't put on here a couple weeks ago so I can put that up after this. Plus I hung out with my friends last weekend and did Halloween nails so I can add those on too. The pics are from a webcam though so they're not the best.

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