Friday, November 4, 2011

I have a few questions...

I ended up cutting all my nails back down :( I know, I've turned into one of those girls that cries when she breaks a nail(although i don't cry, it's more getting mad and depressed). But hey, it takes a while for them to grow back! Which brings me to my first question.

What do you guys use when your nails break? Do you just let them grow or do you use the special polish? I've tried a few and I'm not entirely sure if they worked because I put polish over it and never took it off and 'repeated steps blah blah blah for 10 days'. It just feels weird to not have polish on all the time. Should I just get over it and follow the directions or not bother and just let my nails grow?

I also have nails that peel. I again, tried the special polish. Still couldn't tell you if it's worked because I didn't fully follow the directions. But I can tell you that they still peel. What can I do to get them to stop? Is it because I always have polish on?

One last question, this one is for my mom. Her nails have been breaking really far down. Like REALLY far. To tell you the truth I'm glad it's happening to her and not me because then I really would be a girl that cries when her nails break. They don't break all the way off but enough so that when she pulls her fingers through her hair it gets caught. Is there something she can do to repair the break so it doesn't rip off her nail? What could she possibly be doing that would cause it? Has anyone else had this problem? I just feel bad for her and want to help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I also have half a post done at the moment. I just have to put more batteries in the camera so I can get a good picture of my nails. Maybe this weekend?

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