Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fashion Bug Fun Fuschia Swatch and Design

I'm back! I sit on a thrown of lies. I said on my facebook page Tuesday that I would upload this yesterday and I didn't. But here I am today! :)

I got this polish from a friend for Christmas and I immediately loved it. I love bright colors in my wardrobe and on my nails even though I'm paler than pale. I was thinking ahead when it was time to paint my nails because tomorrow I'm planning on wearing pink which will go perfectly with my nails(I love coordinating). Not only is this polish bright, but it also has sparkles in it, and who doesn't love sparkles?!

The flash definitely made the color darker, but you can see the brightness and the sparkles. I have another fashion bug polish that I'm excited to try after wearing this. Should be fun!

Now here is what I did after I swatched. It took me two hours lol because I couldn't decide what design I wanted to do. After a while I just went at it & let my hands decide what I was gonna do.

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