Friday, January 6, 2012


It's about time huh? lol I got a lot of polish over the holiday season & I just painted my nails so the polish and my camera were in the same place. No excuse for not takin pics and uploading lol so here they all are...

I got all these zoya's back when there was a free shipping promo. I got as many as I could without going over the amount that gives you free shipping anyway.

Zoya Kimmy, Tangy, Akyra, Malia, Jolene, and Katy

Here are the zoyas I got from the Halloween promo that I didn't end up getting until around Thanksgiving because of a credit card issue lol.

Zoya Evangeline and Dannii.

Now it's time for all the polish & goodies I got for Christmas! These first two came from my mom's friend.

L.A. Colors glitter and phenomena

These next one's came from my friends...

NYC purple pizzazz frost, wet n' wild sunny side up(which i already had shhh lol), kiss nail art w/ stencils yay!-beach green, bikini pink, pearl blue, wet n' wild wild card, & wet n' wild sparkled

Sally Hansen invisible, fashion bug orange, fashion bug purple jewel, fashion bug fun fushchia, revlon clear

Oh and there's more! I got some more goodies! Here is a new bottle of remover & some toe separaters, nail file, and some clippers & cuticle stuff.

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