Monday, July 23, 2012

Nails to match my bathing suit!

One of my friend's recently had her 16th birthday. Every year since she was 7 we've blown up water balloons and this year we were up to over 3,000 I believe(yeah i know). Sounds all fun until you're the one who has to stay up all night(normally not a problem since I usually do anyway) and blow them all up until they're all done at the end of the day with no sleep. We were on record pace until the weather decided to get all pressure-y and pop a majority of them half way through the day :(.

Anywho though, back to my nails. I'm not really sure why I did them since I knew because of last year that they wouldn't last long with all the water. But I refused to look at the nastiness that I call bare nails for longer than I needed to so I did them anyway lol. I decided to make them match my bathing suit which I will post a pic of so you can see how close I got. And since I'm a sparkles girl I added one finger that was covered in glitter thinking I might have one nail painted by the end of the day. I was wrong. None of my nail polish lasted past 10am. Though I guess 8 hours of continuously being in water didn't help :/. Oh well they were pretty while they lasted.

my bathing suit :)

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