Thursday, July 26, 2012

NYC Color Pier 17 & Tribeca Silver

My dad was going to go shopping yesterday and my mom and I invited ourselves along lol. We stopped in at Walmart so naturally the first place I went was to the nail polish. The Walmart we go to the most hardly ever restocks their polish so I wasn't really expecting much, but being a nail polish addict I still had to look. I found a few that I thought were pretty but I couldn't really justify to myself to buy them all so I narrowed it down to two and saved the others for another time. I also had to pick up more cotton pads for removing my polish so I had a legitimate reason to be near the polish lol.

I chose NYC Color Pier 17 which is a really pretty dark blue shimmer and Tribeca Silver which is, you guessed it, a silver. I haven't used either of them yet but I will probably in the coming days as the London Olympics are tomorrow and since the Olympics are another obsession of mine, I fully intend to go all out on my nails.

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