Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Hey :) I originally set out to attempt Phineas & Ferb for a third time but I once again messed it up :(. So frustrating! Anyone else have that problem? Where there's one thing you try over and over that just never works. Not fun. So after i got over being bummed I decided to try camo. I don't know why I did though, it was a weird pick for me lol. These aren't my favorite by any means and I've seen other nail people do better, but they are kind of growing on me :/. My new gray looks somewhat green on top of my base color so I think the nails are too green for camo but that might just be me. I'm really hard on myself I know lol. Anywho, here is a pic of them before I put the matte top coat on in case you want to see what it would look like shiny.

And here's a pic of the nails with 2 coats of matte top coat. My camera didn't like my light in my room so it looks weird in the pic. I think the nails look better in person and when I don't stare right at them hahaha. My next ones will be better then i suppose lol.

Slowly working my way through all my birthday polishes and I still have a few from Christmas I haven't used. Plus I have a bunch of coupons to use and a giant Zoya wishlist. Not enough money in the world hahaha.

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