Monday, January 27, 2014

Hopscotch Nails!

 I'm back! My cousin won her game! It was so fun to go and watch I can't wait to go do it again. Made me miss playing though. I was going to do a Swatch it Saturday but got caught up in organizing and changing up my stash list. My Zoya order came though so expect one this week!

I did these nails a while ago for the Rite Aid contest last year. Apparently I forgot to hit publish so the post never happened...oops! That's life though. I had such a hard time thinking of what to enter and then everything that I tried was a fail, including the first version of these. I tried to make the background look as pavement-y as possible by sponging black and sparkles over a gray. I also had a hard time fitting the numbers in the tiny boxes. My paint brush didn't want to cooperate with me that day. Now that I have Zoya Dahlia(that I've always thought of as a perfect pavement polish since it has the texture) I'm thinking once the weather gets warmer I can recreate these and hopefully it'll come out better. We'll see!


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