Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Year, New Name

Wow long time no blog huh? Sorry about that! I've still been painting my nails I just lost steam and only remembered to post the pics that I did take on my personal Facebook page. But not anymore! I made a few New Year's resolutions this year(which i never do) and I intend to stick to them. One of them is to get back into blogging, and not just when I enter a contest and beg for votes. I'm talkin' almost everyday type blogging; Swatches, tutorials if I try something, regular manis, all of it! So this year I'm super motivated and inspired and with that comes a new name!

I'm not sure if anyone reading this remembers my Blue's Clues nails from back in the day but ever since then every time I painted my nails I always sang the Mail Time song from the show only it was Nail Time. It keeps it fun even when something I'm painting turns out to be a total fail. And so in the spirit of fun I have decided to change my blog's name to Naaail Time! Apparently there is another blog named Epic Nail Time that was too close to just 'Nail Time' hence the extra letters but that's ok, it's like we're all going to sing the song when we visit this little project of mine.

Here's my nails
I sometimes fail
When I post you'll wanna wail


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