Friday, September 30, 2011


Oh hey! :) I have followers now! How exciting! I'm not talking to myself anymore! Ok onto the post...

I went shopping the other day and I got some more nail polish which I just remembered I put a pic on my facebook page but never made a post. I'll have to do that after this one. So after such a great nail polish day I was all excited to do something cool with my nails with my new stuff. The only problem was I had nail polish on already. Not normally a problem but for some reason the last time I painted my nails I put on glitter -.-

Not even kidding it took my mom and I at least 30 minutes to get all the polish and glitter off my nails. Then I did all the nail treatment stuff like buffing & nail polish that is supposed to help with my peeling nails. Let's hope that works because it said not to put polish on for like a week or something like that and I don't know if I can do that seeing how I've had painted nails constantly since the middle of July.

Now onto what I did to my nails because this is turning into a long post. I tried to make it look like my nails were jeans. Let them have polish has a video that I kinda based mine off of. I don't know if these scream out jeans but whatever I still kinda like them. I put both hands in the pic this time.

I used Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue, Sinful Colors Paradise, and Revlon Blue Lagoon that is pretty much impossible to see in the pic but in person you can see the sparkles from it.

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