Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Paint Splatter

I got this idea from cutepolish on youtube. She also has a facebook, so check those out. These nails are SUPER easy to do even on the non dominant hand. All you need are your nail colors, cutepolish used a base & 4 colors i used a base & 3, and a tooth pick. Mine got just a tad messy so I recommend having q-tips handy for cleanup.

Paint your nails your base color. Then choose a corner of your nail & place a blob of paint on your nail. Use a toothpick & spread out the color so it looks like splattered paint. Simple right? You can do all of 1 color in the same spot, like all the yellow splatters in the bottom left, or switch it up for each nail. I switched mine up.

I used Pure Ice Super Star, Zoya Areej, Wet 'n' Wild Tweety, & NYC Color Spring Street.

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