Friday, September 9, 2011

What a long night...

Ok so I tend to do my nails at some ridiculous time of night because I am a total night owl/insomniac and what else is there to do? So I asked my facebook friends for any suggestions for designs before I started(I have a list of ideas but sometimes nothing jumps out as "I have to do this!" so I ask people) and my friend suggested Phineas & Ferb(we love that show). I was skeptical at first but I told her I would look into it. I went on google & found a video (IHaveACupcake on youtube there is also a fb page) & I put my can-do attitude right on & got 2 work! Phineas came out HORRIBLE! I figured i would just redo him if the others came out relatively ok but then Candace had some issues(might have just been me) & Isabella looked bad b/c of my small pinky nail, Ferb was the only one I absolutely loved. Perry came out pretty cool too. Then there was no way I would be able to do them all on my other hand.

So....I removed them & then I figured I would do argyle. I was gonna do purple but the purple I tried first was really blue & I couldn't get it all off so my nails still had blue around them. Then I figured I might as well do blue argyle since my nails already were kinda blue. I couldn't get the squares right so I took them of and decided I was gonna use my Zoya Katy that I hadn't gotten around to using yet and I put Sally Hansen crackle Fractured Foil over it.

By now it's 5:30 in the morning and I was mad at myself for spending all night on my nails only to be something simple. Here's a pic of what came out of that night. Maybe I'll try Phineas and Ferb again someday & I'll put the pic of it on here.

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