Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympic Nails Again! Event Pictograms!

Oh how I continue to love the Olympics and Team USA! We are doing so awesome that even spoilers don't bother me anymore because they are mostly good! If you can believe it, they kinda get me excited to watch(don't hate me or tell NBC LOL I'd still rather see them live). I have been itching to redo my nails for a few days now, I suppose that might be why I painted my toes. Since the Olympics are still on and going strong I decided to do another Olympic themed nails. Event Pictograms! I didn't do any research of anyone doing them on their nails already so I'm not sure if this is correct, but judging by the fact that I haven't seen any in the HUGE amount of Olympic themed nails I'm gonna say this is rare. I googled and went on the London 2012 website to look at the pictograms as reference for when I painted them. This Olympics is very colorful in that each venue has a different color and even the official logo is shown in multiple colors. I chose purple as it is my favorite color and it is also the color of the band of the London Olympic medals. And if you can't tell what I did I did Beach Volleyball, Badminton, Swimming, Gymnastics, Athletics(Track and Field), Diving, Football(soccer), Fencing, Basketball, and Cycling.