Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sparkly Pinks Comparisons

I was going to do nail art today as the start of what will be my Technique Tuesdays but nothing was working out today so I'll try again next week. I seem to have acquired five similar sparkly pink polishes, so instead I've decided to compare them. They look even more similar in the pic but I will describe them by how they look in person. The five polishes are Zoya Katy, Color Club Wing Fling, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Hot Magenta, L.A. Colors Fuel, and Color Mates Fuchsia Flash.

 pointer:Zoya Katy middle:Color Club Wing Fling ring:Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Hot Magenta pinky:L.A. Colors Fuel thumb Color Mates Fuchsia Flash

Zoya Katy is a darker pink in comparison to the others(minus Color Mates Fuchsia Flash) and has a less noticeable shimmer to it. Color Club's Wing Fling is a slightly lighter pink but way more noticeable sparkle. It's the closest to Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Hot Magenta, yet the sparkle is more prominent. Hot Magenta is just barely darker than Wing Fling and the nail line is a little less noticeable but maybe in another coat that wouldn't be an issue. L.A. Colors Fuel is the lightest of them all and to be honest, to me it just seems like a lighter pink version of Hot Magenta. Finally, there's Color Mates Fuchsia Flash. In the bottles this is definitely the darkest of the pinks. The difference is not as prominent on the nails though(doesn't seem like it in the pic). The sparkle is more subtle than Wing Fling, Hot magenta, and Fuel, and I'd say about the same as Zoya Katy.

All in all, I'd probably wear some of these more than others but that's just based on personal preference. There were no problems in application or formulas that I noticed so it's really whatever polish I pick up first.

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