Monday, August 6, 2012

Wet n' Wild Gray's Anatomy

This is a sheer gray, purple, green, blue duochrome polish. The color change is very noticeable in the bottle but I don't think it is as much on the nail. I mostly see the gray and purple and a little of the green and blue if I turn my hand the right way. It's definitely interesting to look at and turn your hand in every direction trying to see all the colors easily seen in the bottle lol. I did a thin base color of white since it was so sheer but I still ended up using three coats of Gray's Anatomy. Maybe if I did a thicker white layer or a second layer of white first it would've been fine? I'll have to try next time. I'm also curious to see what it would look like over other colors. I'll have to look into that too. I don't know if this color by itself is the best color against my pale skin but my mom was the one who was attached to it lol, so maybe it would look better on her slightly more tanned skin. It's not horrible and it's growing on me, but it's not my favorite.

My camera didn't want to show the purple-ness so you can only see it a little. Here's another pic.

It looked more purple on my camera's screen lol

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