Saturday, August 18, 2012

Swatch it Saturday-Un-named Rue beaute

I got this polish a few weeks ago when I went to Rue 21 with my friends. It doesn't have a name sadly, but is a really pretty turquoise. The color in the pic is pretty close to the actual color though just a tad more green. My camera doesn't like to show the green in polishes :(. This was 2 coats and maybe I should've done a third I don't know. I did test out a new crackle over this though but forgot to take a pic because I went bowling last night and there were a few causalities. So next post will have little stubbies. Anywho, I'd definitely wear this polish again. It's pretty, went on great though may be a 3 coater depending on your preference. The only bad thing I could think of is not having a name. I even googled the company trying to see if it had a site where there would be a name but came up empty. Maybe I just gave up too soon and it's really out there? I'll have to try again and get back to you.

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